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Meet the Team!


Hodgson, Kat - Kat Hodgson.jpg
Kat Hodgson

Event Manager 

I'm a political scientist (social sciences are science!) who has a passion for outreach and beer!

Jaume F. Lalanza

Event Manager 

Our brain is still full of secrets and I’m researching to reveal some of them. My field of interest is junk food and its effects on our brain and behavior. Do you want to know some brain and science´s secrets? Join us in Pint of Science!

Turon Marta

Event Manager 

I’m a marine biologist from Barcelona and I just moved to Tromsø for a post-doc. I love exploring new places and their oceans. I always enjoyed Pint of Science events in Barcelona and I am so excited to bring science to the bars in my new city.

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