Meet the Team!


Ilse van Herck

Event manager

Amazing scientific research should be shared with everyone! During my PhD I talk about biophysics: Computational cardiac modelling based on experimental data. With PoS I hope to communicate and learn about everything else over a nice pint of beer.

Lea Belosa

Event manager

Earth scientist eager to bring local research to a local audience. Recently started PhD in Oslo. Excited to be part of Pint of Science, share and address important issues to all science enthusiasts. Let's make science available to the public!

Lavinia de Ferri

City Coordinator

I work on the application of diagnostic scientific methods to Cultural Heritage. I've always been interested in science communication outside academia and I think this should be the most important mission of all scientists! 

Matthew Davidson

Event Manager

Matt is using his background in universal design engineering and science communication to bring science to the public and policymakers for the benefit of everyone. 

Juditha Schmidt
Event Manager
I am a geologist working on mountain permafrost in Arctic regions. I am exited to be part of the team and to introduce Pint of Science to Norway.
María Ariza Salazar

Event Manager

Chatty biologist who is passionately interested about eDNA, plants and mutualistic interactions. Throughout my studies, I realised that scientific knowledge remains mainly between academics. I'm motivated to change that in a fun and compelling way.

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