Meet the Team!

Central Team

Thibaud Freyd


During my PhD in Health Science, I bridged the fields of biology and informatique. Now I wanna build a bridge between the scientific community and the rest of the world. Science is amazing so let the world know!

Julia Weikum
National Coordinator
As a PhD student in biochemistry, I learned the importance of communication for successful cooperation and teamwork. With the help of Pint of Science I would like to introduce and involve more people into the exciting scientific world…and what better way than to do it over a pint of beer :)
Klevjer Kristoffer

Website & Data Master  

PhD candidate in cognitive psychology, situated above the arctic circle. Passion for rationality, judgment and decision-making, and information processing. New to Pint of Science, but well versed in each of them separately. Communication enthusiast.

Matthew Davidson

Partner Manager

Matt is using his background in universal design engineering and science communication to bring science to the public and policymakers for the benefit of everyone. 

Ilse van Herck

Accounting & Funding

Amazing scientific research should be shared with everyone! During my PhD I talk about biophysics: Computational cardiac modelling based on experimental data. With PoS I hope to communicate and learn about everything else over a nice pint of beer.


Fjorida Llaha

PR / Community Manager

Pint of Science bring science to everyone and inspires. I hope one day I can bring the festival to Albania.

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