Meet the Team!

Central Team

Thibaud Freyd


During my PhD in Health Science, I bridged the fields of biology and informatique. Now I wanna build a bridge between the scientific community and the rest of the world. Science is amazing so let the world know!

Julia Weikum
As a PhD student in biochemistry, I learned the importance of communication for successful cooperation and teamwork. With the help of Pint of Science I would like to introduce and involve more people into the exciting scientific world…and what better way than to do it over a pint of beer :)
Rebecca McPhee
Social Media
An ecologist in disguise—I've been working in Australian scientific public policy for the last eight years, and have recently made the move to Oslo. I love citizen science, creative arts, communication, and frogs.
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Matthew Davidson

Vice Chair & Consultant

Matt is using his background in universal design engineering and science communication to bring science to the public and policymakers for the benefit of everyone. 

Lester Allan Lasrado
I am an associate professor and research on application of technology (mostly IT) in organisations and society. I believe that POS will be a fun and unique experience for me to meet people who discuss life, science and philosophy over a pint.
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