Meet the Team!


Elettra D'Amico 

City Coordinator

I am a biologist specializing in Marine Bio-ecology and Environmental Toxicology. I am Italian, but I studied in Valencia and Trondheim. I collaborate with the Pint of Science organization in Trondheim to spread science around the world!

Alicia Vallejo

Event Manager

Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl (actually materials engineer), I enjoy music, science, chatting over a beer...I'm doing my PhD in Trondheim on how to best recycle the aluminium cans that we'll empty when we meet!

Arpenik Kroyan

Event Manager

Entusiast of sience popularization with background in material design and computer simulations. Curious about astrochemistry and origins of life. Enjoying teaching and communicating science. 

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